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Welcome! We're so glad you found us.

We asked some of our listeners to describe Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari, a truly unique cannabis podcast experience.

This is what they said:

"So, you think you're Indiana Jones or something now?"

"I think it's interesting, but I wouldn't leave [the diary] in the house at night while I slept. If you do, you're just asking for trouble."

"Why did whoever wrote it pick Angela? Is she telling the truth, that she really doesn't know who sent it?"

"I didn't realize that I liked learning about history until I started learning of the history of weed. It's all crazy. The more I learn, the madder I get. But, the more I know, the more I want to know."

"Did you keep the box it came in and dust for fingerprints?"

"Dr. Mechoulam is the [expletive] man!"

"You guys said there were hundreds of pages, but you're only putting out 2 podcasts a month? We deserve more and you should give it to us. #slackers #speedupproduction #obssessedwiththediary #canilookatitifiwearglovestoo"

"Thank you for sharing cannabis through the art of storytelling. You tricked me into learning."

To everyone that's listened, to everyone that's subscribed, to everyone that's enjoying the diary mystery - thank you.

You're part of the #replacefictionwithfact cannabis effort. You've got the podcast. You know plenty of misinformed people. Share, share, share. Then, share some more.

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