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Only 1 month away...

Season 2 is right around the corner.

The season premier will be available on April, 4, 2024.

We've heard that curious minds want to know:

  • What was in the box that arrived at the end of Season 1?

  • Will there be new people exploring the diary in Season 2?

  • Is the rumor that Mari is listening true?

  • Is every entry really based on cannabis history?

  • Is Elucidation Strategies a podcast sponsor?

  • Is the rumor that Nicolas Cage is somehow involved with Mari's diary true?

  • Is the diary really stored in a temperature-controlled, secure locked box?

All of these questions and many more will be answered in Season 2. From April to September, episodes will drop on the 4th and 20th of each month. Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari is available wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to subscribe, so each new episode is delivered right to you.

To learn more about the diary, visit

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