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"Let's have a little grifa before dinner..."

Mari's entry was just delicious.

Episode Summary

"Does anyone smell that skunk weed?" The scientific reason behind why we equate skunk spray smell with the aroma of cannabis was just one many things explored from this 1975 entry.

In this episode, the conversation was nonstop. Brandon and Angela talked with cannabis educators and advocates Andrea Raible and Sam Reichbart about Mari's writing that described a fun night of painting at Omar and Dana's house that included the 1974 Maya Angelou memoir “Gather Together in my Name.” This entry sparked a lot of discussion about the plant itself too. The foursome bounced back and forth between strains and terpenes to literature and how cannabis and food intersect. Methods of growing, why home grow matters, and how life "amused" Maya Angelou (a fan of grifa) are all interesting parts of this diary entry exploration. Mari reinforced the lesson: perfect sentences are worth celebrating. 

About Andrea Raible and Sam Reichbart and education in New Jersey

Andrea Raible and Sam Reichbart are cannabis professionals working in the New Jersey cannabis industry.  They both have experience in cannabis advocacy and helping people understand more about cannabis and plant medicine.  In 2023, they kicked off the process to form CaMPS, the Cultivation and Plant Medicine Society. This grassroots effort is aimed at helping people learn more about plant medicine and at-home-cultivation. 


Podcast Overview for “Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari” 

When Angela received an old diary in the mail, she had no idea who sent it or why it was delivered to her. She enlisted the help of her friend Brandon to solve the mystery.  From there, the pair set out to explore the intriguing entries in an attempt to discover the identity of the anonymous sender and figure out what they should do with the thick, leather-bound book filled with stories that all seem to have one thing in common...cannabis. Each episode features a fun and interesting investigation of a different entry.  In Season 2, a variety of passionate cannabis professionals join the duo to talk history, mystery, and all things marijuana to get some answers about the diary. One thing that Angela and Brandon now know for certain - through each discussion they discover a little more about the mysterious diary author, Ms. Mari Juana.  New episodes drop on the 4th and the 20th of each month, April to September.  

Interested in staying connected? Follow Mari on IG @diaryofmari.

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