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Findings of the Royal Medico-Botanical Society

Balderdash abound!

Episode Summary

What wasn’t balderdash was what was included in this entry from August 22, 1843, “If the resin be swallowed, almost invariably the inebriation is of the most cheerful kind, causing the person to sing and dance, to eat food with great relish, and to seek out aphrodisiac enjoyment.” Spencer Belz of Last Mile Consulting and SunnyTien Dispensary joined Brandon and Angela to explore Mari’s writing about Royal Medico-Botanical Society and the explanatory words of Mr. Ley, who asserts the health benefits. The trio was delighted to come across a familiar guest star in the "Provincial Medical Journal and Retrospect of the Medical Sciences," the cannabis pioneer Dr. William Brooke O'Shaughnessy.  Mari reinforced the lesson:  we need more voices who speak truths. 

About Spencer Belz

For the past six years, Spencer Belz has played an active role in the New Jersey cannabis market. Beginning his journey as a budtender in one of the first medical dispensaries, Spencer facilitated over 2,000 private consultations with patients exploring cannabis for the first time. Since then, Spencer has developed and executed retail operations, marketing and advertising departments, wholesale and delivery operations, and held instructor roles with the UFCW Union, Rowan University, and Minority Cannabis Academy programs. In his current roles, Spencer is Chief Operating Officer of SunnyTien Dispensary, a luxury retail environment in the heart of Atlantic City focused on providing a high-quality experience with a next level assortment of craft products. As owner and operator of Last Mile Cannabis Consulting, Spencer works with licensed operators on business development, operational readiness, brand development, and creating a sustainable ecosystem for all within the sector to thrive. 


Podcast Overview for “Use This As You See Fit: The Diary of Mari” 

When Angela received an old diary in the mail, she had no idea who sent it or why it was delivered to her. She enlisted the help of her friend Brandon to solve the mystery.  From there, the pair set out to explore the intriguing entries in an attempt to discover the identity of the anonymous sender and figure out what they should do with the thick, leather-bound book filled with stories that all seem to have one thing in common...cannabis. Each episode features a fun and interesting investigation of a different entry.  In Season 2, a variety of passionate cannabis professionals join the duo to talk history, mystery, and all things marijuana to get some answers about the diary. One thing that Angela and Brandon now know for certain - through each discussion they discover a little more about the mysterious diary author, Ms. Mari Juana.  New episodes drop on the 4th and the 20th of each month, April to September.  

Interested in staying connected? Follow Mari on IG @diaryofmari.

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