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Being Prepared for the Holiday Season

How can Mari help you this holiday season?  

Sometimes the most wonderful time of the year can be…a lot. For many, overindulgence and excess is a built-in part of the the hustle and bustle of the season.  Second helpings of delicious treats and more and more quality time with family and friends are often part of celebrated traditions.  Sometimes, though, all that excess becomes too much and we need a break.  

If you’re looking for something chill, we’ve got the perfect answer.  

Bring Mari to the table to share with family and friends.  She always prompts new perspectives, welcomes new conversations, and brings that…special something…that’s designed to be shared.  Mari can be just what’s needed to divert from a tense moment or spark discussion about a new topic.  Don’t forget, this holiday season, Mari can be just what’s needed for some laughs and some lightbulbs.  

Thankfully, she’s available 24/7 and welcomes old friends with the same warmth as new ones.  It’s the new ones that are often surprised to learn truths about Mari and her family.  This holiday season, don’t forget, she’s in your corner - with centuries of wisdom and truth for those who are open to it. 

Whether it's just for you or to share with family and friends, find her here:

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